Sunday, December 03, 2006

TinyTube blasted by YouTube over Verizon deal

Sometimes I hate being right! On Nov 28 I wrote:
A New York Times article today discusses a YouTube mobile venture with Verizon.
Hopefully the TinyTube mobile YouTube site that I discussed previously will keep working
and on Nov 30 TinyTube stopped working, with the explanation:
when a Senior Manager at YouTube contacted us about Terms of Service violations we took the YouTube content offline.
Besides the fact that I liked the TinyTube service on my TyTN, it's frustrating that YouTube, a company that's clearly been trying to become the video host for the world (eg allowing other Web sites and blogs to easily embed their videos) blows their whole philosophy when a Verizon deal conflicts. Yes, TinyTube talked about terms of service violations, but the timing makes it clear that the problem was the Verizon deal.

Maybe TinyTube can put small Verizon ads at the bottom of their pages -- I bet then the "terms of service violations" would be taken care of!

Thanks to the TinyTube folks for the great service! Hope to see you back soon.

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Detman101 said...

I'm highly pissed that Youtube would be so brazenly jackassish. I really thought that they were better than this crap. But given the state of the world nowadays I should not have expected any better. Especially since they decided to get in bed with Verizon. Now not only do we lose, youtube will probably go down the crapper too.

Damn I hate corporate america.
It's going to be cause of the end of the world eventually...

Greedy bastards...