Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mobile YouTube blogging straight from TyTN worked!

After getting the acknowledgement last week from YouTube support acknowledging a problem with YouTube Mobile submissions, it now seems to be working!

The following video was shot on my TyTN and submitted directly via e-mail to my YouTube Mobile address:

They sent me back the URL in a few minutes, and I'm now submitting this blog entry through Blogsot Mobile. So the full blog entry, text and video, is done fully on my TyTN, all via e-mail! Nice.

The only drawback is that I expect the YouTube video above will be a link, not an embedded video. (If you read this and see the video embedded in the blog message, it will have worked even better than expected.)


William said...

How did you get the youtube working. did youtube fix it unilaterally or did you have to do anything different? Lastly, how did you get youtube cs to respond? I sent a message a few days ago and haven't gotten a response on the same issue.

Glad your's is working. I give us all hope it can be worked out.

Krulwich said...

It's again not working.

I've followed up on this