Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Radar: A great site for sharing mobile videos privately

Now that I got YouTube Mobile accepting videos directly from my TyTN, I'm interested in the same functionality but for a limited audience, for distributing videos only to family or friends directly from my TyTN. I've found a site for this that launched just recently, that seems very good so far, called Radar, at http://www.radar.net.

In a nutshell, Radar let me log in and invite relatives or friends to join, and then submit videos (or pictures) directly from my TyTN over e-mail, very similar to YouTube Mobile. (What worked for me from my TyTN will presumably work on any mobile that can send videos by e-mail.) These videos are then available only to the people I invited.

They say that videos are also browsable on a mobile, but I haven't tried this yet.

All in all it seems like just the right functionality, and well implemented. The videos I sent were available immediately, much faster than on YouTube Mobile.


Stokes said...

Off-topic: Does the TyTN have a vibrate option for both ringing and for reminders?

Krulwich said...

Yes, it does, in fact you can go through all the various "events" that it knows about and set tones, vibrate, or LED light.