Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Using MP3 files as SMS ringtones

A reader asked:

Great blog... I just got my TyTN this week and would like to know if you could
tell me how to change the sms or mms tone to an mp3 or any other file for that
matter that is not already in the list. Let me know if you can. Thanks!

And I answered:

The most straightforward is to use File Explorer to copy your MP3 into:
Device \ Windows \ Rings
and it should then show up in all menus of ring tones for all purposes.

Note that I don't use a lot of custom ringtones, since I tend to like old-fashioned tones for everything. (For example, actual phone ringing sounds for incoming calls.) But this is my understanding from a bit of experimenting.

But as pointed out in the comments, I'm wrong about this, \Windows\Rings is only for incoming phone call rings, not other notifications.

Anyone know more about this? Add a comment if you do. If I find out more, I'll put it here.


Jason said...

Thanks for the quick response, however that doesn't really do it. The only place I know to change the incoming sms or mms tone is to go to Settings > Personal Tab > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications Tab. From there you see 'Event:' and a drop down list of different events and under those an option to play a sound. How can I get mp3s into that list? Hopefully you can follow my text. Once again thanks for the help.

Krulwich said...

You're right, my mistake. If I find anything else I'll change the blog post here.

Anyone else have an idea how to do this? If so, add a comment here!

Jennifer Claude said...

Hi Guys--you almost have the right idea...

Only thing is, for SMS and MMS tones , it only supports WAV formats...so take your MP3's and convert them ((I use WSC-MA2 Application from the Yamaha website)) and then drop them into your ings folder...it will show up after it synchs!!

Hope this helps!!!