Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Skype in a coffee shop

Today I took my TyTN into a coffee shop and successfully used Skype on their Wi-Fi.

I know, once it's working at home it will obviously work in a coffee shop, but it's simply fun to have the same Skype account work both home and out and about, with so little work in getting it set up.

I used the stereo headset that came with the TyTN, and held the mic (in the little box w/ the volume control) and spoke into it, and the sound quality was good. (As I said previously, Mobile Skype won't work with Bluetooth phone headsets or with the device used phone-style, only speakerphone or wired headset.)

I was also able to download e-mail at the same time that I was using Skype, although the email downloading felt slower. I don't know whether the slow feeling was a Wi-Fi issue or a TyTN multi-tasking issue.

Bottom line, I'm impressed. Time to go ahead with a more complete Skype in&out package.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow TyTN user, I think you're blog is great. However I beg to differ re using Skype with with the phone in handset mode. Using Skype v2.1.0.65 I can do just that!

A word of warning though. Don't drop you TyTN. I did just that and the screen cracked completely across in two places! 85UKP for a repair...ouch!!

Stephen Forde said...

How did you get Skype to work on the actual handset. I have the latest version of Skype and can't get it to work on any of my bluetooth headsets and I am not a fan of the wired headset that came with the phone so would love to be able to use Skype via the usual handset and not the PDA speakers and mic. Please email me at to let me know.

Thanks in advance


Krulwich said...

I've followed up on this in another message.

Bottom line, I cannot get Skype Mobile running over the phone speakers or headset, and Skype lists this as a known issue. Anyone who's found a way to get this working, please add a comment to my new message on the subject.