Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Glofiish M700 not really a TyTN challenger

Some articles are calling the newly announced Glofiish M700 a "TyTN challenger." But from what I've read, it seems more like a K-JAM challenger to me.

Yes, the device has the same slide-out keyboard form factor, 2mp camera, and Wi-Fi. The keyboard was clearly styled after the TyTN's, with identical shift, function, start menu, and OK buttons along the bottom.

It also adds GPS, which is a nice addition, enabling location-based mapping services.

But it's not a 3g phone, so it has no 3g data connectivity and no 3g video calls. And it doesn't appear (from the pictures shown) to have the same buttons and wheel that make the TyTN so nice for single-hand use.


jomni said...

I'd rather have the GPS freature than 3G (existing GPS user).

But you're correct. They are not so comparable as they are targeted to different markets.

Anonymous said...

I too prefer the Glofiish M700's built-in SiRF Star III GPS receiver and FM radio as well as its separate audio jack over the TyTN's 3G and ExtUSB for audio jack. Simply because you can get "free" GPS satellite and FM radio signals nearly everywhere you go. Also, the Glofiish M700 offers the easy option of being able to listen to audio like MP3s through its separate audio jack while sync'ing data or charging via its standard miniusb without ever powering up bluetooth.

Whereas the more power hungry, fee based "faster" 3G is still not as widely available as 2G technology. Though cannot say will never "need" high speed 3G wireless service like videocalling, vendors should offer an upgrade option to cheap, widely available 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA/4G/5G service in bluetooth 2.0 EDR kits just like you could purchase a separate bluetooth GPS or 3G/HSDPA USB receiver.

However, do agree that both are great phones for handling calls, messaging and editing text with their similar touchscreen and QWERTY keyboards.