Saturday, October 28, 2006

Playing sound for alarms but not for phone

Someone on a mailing list asked about how to have the TyTN (or presumably other Windows Mobile devices, at least from HTC) play a sound for alarms but not for phone calls.

It's easy to do in settings: go into start menu settings, then select Sounds and Notifications, then the Notifications tab. You can then select "phone: incoming call" and unselect the play sound, and "reminders" and set the sound. I don't know of a way to seperate calendar alarms from the alarm clocks though.

Note that I don't know how this is effected by the ring/vibrate/none option when you click on the speaker at the top of the screen. What would be great is to be able to save a set of notifications settings as a profile in the Nokia sense, but I don't know of a way to do that either.

Note also that in the notifications list for incoming phone calls there are a lot of options that are not available in the comm manager or in the speaker icon pulldown menu, like vibrate then ring.

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Anonymous said...

About wake up call ringing

It is a good idea, that now I can set my wake up ring call by activating the reminders ring tone, while disabling the Phone Incoming Call as well as incoming sms (temporarily!).

However, in the event: reminders, it seems that we dont have many choices from the drop down menu. Do you know where to include our own tone.

I refer to the following menu path:
go to
sounds and notification,
events reminder,
play sounds and
the drop down menu.