Sunday, September 16, 2007

HTC TyTN 2 review and differences

There's an interesting review of the HTC TyTN II here:

It's also now been announced by AT&T in the USA, called the AT&T Tilt, here:

Looking at the high points, the basic specs are:

TyTN II Hardware Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Tilted 2.8” 240*320 QVGA touch screen
  • Sliding QWERTY keyboard
  • built-in GPS
  • 3 mega-pixel auto focus camera
  • VGA camera for 3G/UMTS video-calling
  • HTC Home menu screen
  • Tri-band UMTS with Quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge
  • HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps HSUPA
  • ROM 256MB and RAM 128MB
  • 360 degree 3 way jog wheel paired with OK button
  • microSD card slot
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g , Bluetooth 2.0
  • TouchFLO Technology

The biggest differences from the HTC TyTN (first model) seem to be GPS, TouchFLO technology (although not as complete as on the HTC Touch), Windows Mobile 6, improved camera (3mp with autofocus), faster data connectivity (HSDPA/HSUPA), and the keyboard tilt.

IMHO, the most important of these are GPS, TouchFLO, and camera quality. GPS is simply nice to have, the the review goes into some detail there. Camera quality is important, since I've written before that the TyTN has limitations as an always-with-you camera. As for TouchFlo, it's not clear now much they've included, but any improvements to the interface are good.

Enjoy! Comments welcome, especially links to additional info on the new device!

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