Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TyTN WLAN WEP 40 or 128 bit

I've been using my TyTN on a wireless network with security (WEP) based on a 40 bit key (10 hex characters) for months, but just now tried to connect to an office wireless lan that uses 128 bit security. I can't get the TyTN to connect. Has anyone else managed to connect their TyTN with a 128 bit key? I'm not sure if the problem is with the key or with something else.

Thanks for any comments that anyone can add about this.


Cameron Laird said...

I have no problem connecting my imate JasJam (tyTn) to a 128bit WEP encrypted network..


jeff said...

i have no problem at home, but my office..i can not connect.....haven't figured out why...since I own my company and there are no security restrictions

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's just a thought. Unless you (mis)configured the wireless LAN yourself, has any gadget freak or technonerdy out there with their 128 biteme thingie typed correctly ever considered sitting down (yes, that means giving up some mobility) to chat with your "friendly" LAN administrator the anal control freak who likely turned on MAC address filtering or some other arcane protocol to keep security risk butts like yourself out.