Saturday, September 16, 2006

TyTN sync to Outlook was easy

Synchronizing Outlook contacts onto my TyTN was a cinch. The included software installed easily, and the contacts pushed through USB to my TyTN quickly. (10 minutes for 1500 contacts.)

The one problem I had was on the Nokia 9110 side, that information seems to have been lost when moving the contacts from the 9110 to Outlook. For example, my TyTN lost the + symbol that prefixed international numbers. But I think that that was a 9110->Outlook problem, not a Outlook<->TyTN problem.

Installing the 1-gig memory card was also easy, and no problems recognizing it.

After a day of using the phone on Friday, my one minor nit to pick is that the number buttons on the phone screen are too small. I'd prefer bigger numbers and smaller buttons for the extra functions.

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